Saturday, January 2, 2010

The Best SNES Game of All Time!?

Yes and no or maybe I haven't decided just yet. Last night I finally put to rest what some gamers have claimed to be the best SNES game during the life run of the SNES. Well after I concluded Metroid 2 on GameBoy, I quickly got on eBay and bought Super Metroid. I believe I began playing this game in late November and finished it on January 1, 2010. So does this game surpass Metroid 2? YES IT DOES!!! I commented on Metroid 2 once I beat it and stated I did not like that game. But don't worry cause Super Metroid / Metroid 3 makes up for it. What Metroid 2 lacked Super Metroid made up for it.

The game starts off with a odd intro screen with a lab of scientists already killed and the baby Metroid, which you saved in Metroid 2's conclusion, being held in a chamber. When you began the game everything becomes clear. You get to watch the intro as it starts off with:

"The last Metroid is in captivity. The galaxy is at peace."

While Samus handed over the baby Metroid to the scientists trouble began as Samus wasn't to far off into space when she gets a distress call from the space station she left. She arrives only to find all the research scientists killed and the baby Metroid missing. You find the baby Metroid only to be taken away by Ridely. And so your new quest begins as you must go back to the planet you first played back in Metroid on NES and find out what's going on and who is behind all this. When you arrive back on the Planet Zebes, you get to explore the old familiar settings from the NES version of Metroid but once you go deeper in the game, you get to see that Planet Zebes is pretty huge compared to it on Metroid on NES. Like in any other Metroid game, you explore the planet, kill off a ton of creatures that get in your way, find power ups, and this time around gain as many energy tanks than ever before. The new things in this game are the new weapons and the new save feature which can be found in ceratin rooms spread through out the whole planet. Oh yeah, no more passwords!

You ask, how many bosses we have this time around? There are five mini bosses which get in your way before you meet up with the big bosses, and five huge, big time bosses to cap off each section of the Planet Zebes. Not a bad list of bosses. My only gripe about them is why do we have to use the missle rockets against them? What's the point of using your beams if they won't work against them? The key to the game is to find all the weapons, power ups, upgrades, and beat all the bosses so that once you do so, the lair where Mother Brain is hiding is unlocked. Speaking of Mother Brian, yes, it's back. Once you reach Mother Brain you battle it just like you did in the NES game but once you defeated it you think's it's over? Nope! Mother Brain comes back in a tall like monster trying to take you out. During the fight, once you have her beaten, there's a moment where she actually beats you, drains all your energy, and is about to deliver the final blow till the baby Metroid, which isn't a baby anymore, comes to save you! It actually gives up it's life for you just to give you incredible powers to defeat Mother Brain. How sweet! Once you defeat Mother Brain, you must escape the planet within 2-3 minutes, hope back on your ship and MISSION ACCOMPLISH!!!

I must say I was quite impressed with the final battle with Mother Brain. Just when you think you had that thing beat, it comes back to beat you and for a moment you think the game is cheating against you but it's all part of the story. What a game! The game stats for me were 9 HRS and I was able to find 87% of the items on Planet Zebes. So, is Super Metroid the best game on the SNES? My answer- not yet! I have yet to play more SNES to make a decision on this question for myself. So far Super Castlevania IV is the best but I would rank Super Metroid #2 for now. I'm still trying to complete Legend of Zelda: A Link to the Past and other great SNES titles. I can't rank any other games just yet. On the plus side, now I can go ahead and play the Metroid Prime Trilogy series on my Wii now. :)

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